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Presidential Preference Primary | Understanding this Florida election

Thanks to Monroe County Supervisor of Elections Joyce Griffin for this excellent explainer on how Florida’s Presidential Primary works!

What is the Presidential Preference Primary?  (sometimes called the PPP)

Florida’s Presidential Preference Primary election will be held March 17, 2020.

The Presidential Preference Primary Election is a unique primary election held only during presidential election cycles, every four years. This is the first step in which Florida voters begin the process of electing the United States president.

Some states hold the same type of Presidential Preference Primary Election; others hold caucuses and a few states have a combination of both. The Presidential Primary or caucus is held in every state in the United States between January and June of a presidential election year.

These are considered to be “indirect elections,” which means the results in each state help determine how many delegates each political party’s national convention will receive from their respective state. The delegates of each political party will select their presidential nominee. The official nomination of each party candidate for United States President will be announced at their respective conventions. The conventions for each political party will be held during the summer of 2020.

The candidates nominated by each political party will appear on the General Election ballot in each state in the United States. This General Election for U.S. President will be held on November 3, 2020. In Monroe County, this election will also include many other Federal, State, Multi-County, Judicial, County and Local offices up for election.   Register to vote, update your address, change your party affiliation using your Florida Driver’s License or Florida ID card.  – Register to vote on line  – Request a Vote by Mail ballot – Check your Vote By Mail Status