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Why Vote by Mail

Now is the time to prepare for the upcoming elections.  Due to the pandemic, we all have been so careful with staying at home, social distancing and wearing masks.  We need to continue. But we also have been very distracted and we are entering a very important election season and we need to be sure that we are registered, that we have signed up for a mail in ballot and it is up to date. There are several ways to you can accomplish this.

Because we can not do face to face voter registration, you will need to register online. It is easy! You can also check your status, voting location and more.
1. You can Register to Vote, Check Your Voter Registration Status and Find Out What’s On Your Ballot.
2. You can register and check your status online on this site .  Michelle Obama wants to make it easier to vote by mail. This should not be a partisan issue. She is working through her voter participation group she started in 2018 – This is a wonderful website that promotes the fight for fair, safe and accessible voting for all Americans.
3. Contact your local League of Women Voters.  They will help you register, check your status and learn about ballot issues.  You can contact the League with any questions or thoughts you might have.

On top of all the great reasons above – right now it’s easier and much safer to vote by mail.

The League is a grassroots organization and as such, we focus on the issues that our members care the most about. Each year, the state league polls its membership to see which issues are most important to them. Every local league submits priorities. After tabulating each local league’s submissions, the top five areas become priorities for the Legislative Session