You can make a difference in Key West and the Lower Keys

Chapter Bylaws | How we run the chapter

Article I Name 1. The name of this organization shall be the Lower Keys League of Women Voters, hereafter referred to as the League.   Article II Vision, Mission, and Policy 1. Vision: The Lower Keys League of Women Voters is dedicated to fostering an informed,...

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Our board leaders

Joan Wallin and Marge Holtz

Former president and board member emeritus Joan Wallin, right: Marge Holtz, president.

The Board meets the monthly, at least nine times annually. Members are always welcome to attend and Board members welcome suggestions on issues and programs you would like us to pursue. Please contact Marge Holtz for information about our organization. Officers include:

  • Marge Holtz, President
    Sue Sullivan Secretary
    Miriam Novotny, Treasurer
    Caroline Horn, At-Large
    Donna Windle, At-Large
    Joy Brown-Taylor, At-Large

Committee Chairs include:

  • Donna Windle, Membership Chair
    Linda Grist Cunningham, Communications Chair
    Joy Brown-Taylor, Voter Service Chair

Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

The Lower Keys League of Women Voters is dedicated to fostering an informed, engaged electorate and to defending voters’ rights.

Mission Statement

We adopted the Florida League of Women Voters mission statement:

“The Lower Keys League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization, encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy.”

Our Priorities


  • Natural resources
  • Government – Election Law
  • Gun safety
  • Health care
  • Education

Our chapter priorities are aligned with the Florida state League of Women Voters. You can explore the detailed priorities here.

Nonpartisan statement

1. Elected Office. No member of the Board shall run for or hold, any elective office. Board members shall be considered candidates upon establishing campaign accounts.

2. Political Party Office. No member of the Board shall serve in any position in a political party.

3. Campaign Contributions. The President and Voter Service Chair may not attend fundraising events or make campaign contributions for candidates. Other board members may attend fundraising events and make campaign contributions for candidates at any level as individuals but never as representatives of the League.

4. Political Campaigns. No member of the Board shall chair or administer fundraising or political campaigns, chair a campaign event or work in a significant way in the campaign of a candidate for office at any level.

5. Additional Clarification. Board members shall present questions about specific situations to the Board where the foregoing policies do not resolve the question. This policy shall be reviewed and readopted by the Board at the beginning of each new biennium.

Adopted February 9, 2013